Eat, drink and be merry at the Stuttgart Weindorf

Join us for dinner at the Stuttgarter Weindorf.
  • Date: Friday, 4th September, 2015
  • Time: 18:30 - or earlier if you can make it!
  • Location: Schmücker’s OX (#5 on this map)
The kitchen is from the Fill in Leinfelden, so we are talking good food, at a good price. And of course, there are the glories of local wines, so good that the locals keep them for themselves. But now the important bit: Tables at the Weindorf on a Friday evening are like gold-dust.
Please reply to Helena Acheson immediately if you are coming!
If you do not reply, your best bet may be to stare on forlornly as other's eat drink and make merry!

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