What professional networking site is used in Germany?

LinkedIn is used by both job seekers and employers in Germany, as in Ireland. However, it is highly recommended that graduates/students create XING profile. This is used widely in Germany and should not be overlooked.

Make sure that you put a lot of effort into your online profile, be it LinkedIn or XING. Treat it with the same standard as if you were writing a CV. Make sure your contact details are up to date, and add yourself to groups that may be of interest to your future careers. You never know who is looking!

Do I really need to include a photograph in my CV?

Legally, no. However the majority of applicants do choose to include a CV. But do not include any holiday snapshots! Remember, a photo will give an immediate impression and the impression you want to project is a professional one. You don’t have to be too serious, a smile will show that you are a friendly, approachable person.

Although a CV circulated in Ireland does not inclued date of birth, nationality, family status (married, single etc.), it is standard to include it in Germany. See our example German CV for reference.

A nice tip: Often a company hires a photographer a few times a year to update photos for their workers. It may possible to get a professional photo of you taken too.

The internships listed by the IBN are not in my field. Can you provide information on others?

The internships detailed by the IBN are pooled from the network itself by members with the group. However, there are many other websites with a wide variety of internships in many different areas. Please see the helpful links section.

I am worried about the level of my German language skills. How will this affect my work in Germany?

Firstly, check the language of the company and team that you are working in. If you are offered an internship, this means your skills are sufficient to work through German. However, if it is your first time working through German, do not be discouraged if the first month or so is difficult. After this time period you will adjust and it should become gradually easier. Speaking and working through German is the perfect way to improve it. If you would like to improve your German before you come to Germany, then there are many courses in Ireland to do so. Try online courses such as those offered from www.memrise.com to brush up on vocabulary. Returning to Ireland with both experience and language skills will only serve to improve your employment opportunities. Take the time in Germany to take some evening classes, and speak as much with colleagues and friends auf Deutsch! Be firm though, many of the people you meet will want to use the opportunity to practice their English with you. Take this oppertunity to create a Tandem with them!

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