The aim of the Irish Business Network is to provide networking opportunities to Irish people working in Germany and encourage:
  • Access to Irish opinion leaders and decision makers in industry
  • Access to a knowledge base
  • Access to government level business support
  • Local expert advice
  • Support for newcomers to Germany
  • Business events
  • Employment listings
  • Social networking opportunities
Irish professionals are scattered throughout Germany. This website provides the opportunity to identify other like-minded members regardless of where they are based. Members help members save time and money, improve their business success and gain business knowledge. In addition to these benefits there are a lot of individual opportunities to be gained from being part of a network which includes high calibre decision makers active in German industry. Our social events will ensure that there is also a fun factor with an emphasis on creating a strong network of friendships among the Irish community working and living in Germany.

Who are the members?

Our members are active in all industry sectors including Automotive, Automation, Aviation, Chemicals, Imaging, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Public Sector, Recycling, Retail, Software, and Telecommunications. Other members provide legal, consulting and other professional services. Some members are parents who have taken a career break to rear their children but are planning a return to the workplace. Membership is open to Irish professionals living and working in Germany and others having strong business/personal links to Ireland. Membership is private and is not tied to a member's place of employment.

Why should I join?

  Here's the view of one member - Des Healy, owner and CEO, Blackthorn Services :
"Wherever one travels on this planet, one meets Irish people who have left Ireland as economic refugees, hopeful new graduates or for any of a hundred other reasons. These Irish ex-pats have consistently supported each other in their new communities although, in many cases, the only thing they had in common was their country of origin. The first time I realised the power of networking amongst Irish ex-pats was when I found myself, as a newly arrived visitor, in the only pub in Georgetown on Penang Island in Malaysia in 1983. This was, needless to say, an Irish pub! I was immediately invited to dinner for the next evening by a group of Irish Ericsson employees who were building a telephone network there. The Irish Business Network gives us all the same sort of access to a very influential and mutually supportive Irish community, without having to go to the pub every evening."

Who is behind the Network?

The Irish Business Network in Germany is a non-profit registered association (‘eingetragener Verein’) with a voluntary executive board to coordinate the activities of the four new local committees. The executive board is assisted by an Executive Steering Committee comprising of senior Irish business people or ‘friends of Ireland’ who are based in Germany. They will advise on, design and develop the Network’s strategy in Germany. The new IBN has also received the full support of the Irish Embassy in Berlin and the support of the Irish Ambassador to Germany, His Excellency Mr. Michael Collins.

How does Irish Business Network fund itself?

The IBN will continue to operate as a “non-profit” organisation relying on funds generated through major sponsorships, support sponsorships, dedicated event sponsorships and other strategic partnerships. In addition we are very grateful for funding provided by the "Irish Government's Emigrant Support Programme."