1916 : Oxford Historian discusses an Irish rising that brought independence from Britain

Professor Roy Foster from Oxford is speaking on the Irish Exit from the British Empire, in particular the event of the Easter rising 1916. This is where the proclamation of independence declaring Ireland a republic was first read, significantly in the central post office in Dublin. It is told that Gandhi carried the Irish principles of independence around with him until his death which inspired him in fulfilling his mission in India.   The significance of this event is very relevant to our lives today.   Those interested in history, politics, humanitarian issues are welcome to take the chance to ask questions and get responses from Professor Roy Foster on how history is written and remembered.   Concept of Nation & EU Brexit Reunification in Germany Equal rights   The venue is the Schlachthof on Zenettistrasse, this Friday evening, June 10th in the Schlachthof   Tickets are €25 and can be purchased on http://www.im-schlachthof.de/spielplan-details/items/.1999.html   We request your help to bring awareness to your connections, friends and interested network, community service, friends and family as having them attend would be enriching.   The initiator and organizer of the event is Cillian Ó Donnabháin, Examiner at the European Patent Office and we would be honored to have you join in the discussion. https://www.facebook.com/events/1693555690926891/.
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